Serving Colorado

Steel and services since 1982


We provide the following:

Metal Shearing - from 20 gauge to 1/4" in thickness, up to 10' in length


Metal Saw Cutting - Beams, Tubing, Angles, etc. that have tolerances as close as 1/16"

Penrose Steel & Tubing, Inc. offers you the convenience of metal processing.

The Benefits of Utilizing Our Metal Processing

Cost-Effective Metal


Also providing:

Burning - Plate burning using plasma or oxy-fuel up 5" in thickness


Metal Punching - Plates and sheets ranging from 3/16" up to 1-1/2" holes

Additional Processing


If you have any particular specifications, let us provide choices for you. If you need special grades, shapes, or sizes, we will make every effort to make those accommodations. We also provide delivery throughout the week. Contact us for details.

Accommodating Your Special Requirements

Save Yourself Time and Money

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